3 Reasons to Visit a Private Collection

A visit to The Perimeter, London

London is a go-to city for arts experience. Whether you choose to visit renowed institutions like Tate or experience an avantguard live performance in the East, nobody can argue that London has much diversity to offer. However, once you`ve been around in the city long enough a lot of it seems to be more of the same. If you sympathise with this feeling, private collections might be the next best thing for you and here is why:


1. They are private.

Stating the obvious perhaps, but the fact that a collection is private means it has a very personal and distinctive curatorial approach that stands out from museums and galleries, a perfect choice if you are curious to see a more specific work shown in an exhibition.


2. Become one-on-one with the artwork

Private also means no queues, small groups and scheduld private guided tours, allowing you space whilst you are trying to discover your connection with the artwork. You have the opportunity to view a collection deeply personal to the owner, it is rare that works of significant quality are on display after they are acquired, so private institutions opens the chance for high qulity works by an artist to be viewed again.


3. Fun

Stepping into someone’s house or office is a curious endeavor. The experience itself is worth your time. With most private collections, you must book in specific times in advance. The experience is hospitable, part of learning about art is to open a dialogue whilst viewing a work and private collections lend to this experience. Many major private collections are curated by some of the most renowed curators the relationship between collector and curator is a significant factor contribution to the location and the curation throughout the interior.


The Perimeter is a private collection in central London. Collection visits can be booked in advance and this is a collection hidden away worth visiting.  .


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