"The gallery explores thematic topics of the environment and co-existence, whilst increasing the representation of Australian art."

Anthony Hodgkinson, Clouded Vision, 2018

Informality is a contemporary art gallery established in late 2019 between arts advisor, Frederick McDonald and a collector of Australian contemporary art.

The gallery opened a project space located in the Oxfordshire town of Henley on Thames in the United Kingdom. Informality was founded to support artists who are dedicated to themes of the environment and co-existence, the gallery holds a nomadic programme and fosters the awareness of Australasian contemporary art through site-specific collaborations.

Informality’s first group show, Symbiosis (31 October 2019–11 January 2020), embodied the gallery’s core ethos and brought together several artists on the gallery’s roster and beyond, to explore the relationship between art and the environment.

Informality enhances its exhibition programme with accompanying talks and lectures. In February 2020 McDonald inaugurated the Informality Lecture Series, which involves talks tailored to aid emerging collectors in researching artists and understanding the art market.

Jamie North, Slidings, 2017

Informality operates consciously towards its impact on the environment by considering how it can minimise its carbon consumption throughout the galleries operations.

Frederick, Director and Co-Founder of Informality, has worked in the industry for a decade and is a passionate supporter of the arts. He currently supports Tate, Serpentine Galleries, his local River Rowing Museum in Henley and further afield the Sydney Biennale.

During his time in Australia he was elected president of the AGNSW young members board where he went on to represent the Museum at an annual congress conference with World Friends Federations of Museums (WFFM) in Portugal, 2018.

Frederick McDonald

Director & Co-Founder

Zee Levine

Creative Director

Conner Nudd

Head of Design & Visuals

Katie Telford

Gallery Manager