Room and Book – Supporting the Sidney Nolan Trust

Room & Book is a sustainably-minded London-based online store selling second-hand art books and decorative objects through a program of curated online exhibitions. Born out of a commitment to sustainable collecting and a love for the magic and mystery of objects, the project was inspired

In Conversation Virginia Woods-Jack

“Regardless of how we are all responding right now the ripples of this time and what is to come will impact on all of our work – it will be a defining period in art history and that’s exciting. To be able to look back on where we were whilst looking forward to new possibilities.”

In Conversation Natalia Bradshaw

“This will shake things up for a long time. But, good and sound practice will bubble up, and innovation will reign. Creativity will also be important in all realms of life”.

New Anti-Money Laundering Legislation Applied to Art Market

A new regulation has come into effect from January 10th. A fifth anti-money laundering Directive which applies to art market practices across the EU. The ‘5AMLD’ follows a banking protocol also used across international auction houses.