Rain Wu

Born: Tainan, Taiwan 1987
Lives and works: London, England
Rain Wu, Image courtesy of Luis Bernardo Brito e Abreu
Rain Wu is a Taiwanese artist and architect living and working in London. Her work is conceptually driven and materialises in different forms and scales from drawing, sculpture, food performance to architectural installation.

She graduated from the Royal College of Art and University College London (Bartlett). Her artwork has been exhibited in Sharjah Biennial, Taipei Biennial, The Palestinian Museum, London Design Biennale, Lisbon Architecture Triennale; she was one of the Designers in Residence at the Design Museum (London) in 2016, an artist in residence at The Van Eyck (NL) 2018-9, and she is currently an associate lecturer at University of the Arts London.

Facsimile of a Breeze, 2019
Sao Miguel, Azores
Curated by The Decoraters and Mariana Pestana. Images courtesy of Sara Pinheiro

Facsimile of a Breeze is a chart made of perishable materials to reflect on the impossibility of mapping. Maps, as cultural artefacts, consist of ever-shifting sediments deposited by human desire, imagination and expectation.

The Sea Rises and Totally Still, 2019
Dalsbruk, Finland
Curated by Erica Yu-Wen Huang and Nina-Maria Oförsagd for Sea Views 2019. Images courtesy of Chen Yi-Wen

Positioning itself on the expanse of Finnish archipelagos, The Sea Rises and Totally Still reflects on the idea that when the world is ‘fully codified and collated... a sense of loss arises.’ (Alastair Bonnett) and allows the precise representation - a trick of the trade - to dissolve and to reconcile with its surrounding.

Taipei Biennial 2016, Sharjah Biennial 2017
Collaboration with Eric Chen. Curated by Christine Tohme (Sharjah Biennial, Corinne Diserens (Taipei Biennial)
Images courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation, Rain Wu

Collectivism is a site-specific installation with a garden surrounded by 640 bullet-proof police shields. The installation juxtaposes organic growth (of ideologies) and ordered resistance to question what our society should protect and what to resist.

Threshold, 2017
The Palestinian Museum, Birzeit
Collaboration with Eric Chen, Curated by Reem Fadda. Images courtesy of Rain Wu

Threshold is an elevated structure that appears as a wall or bridge rising between two rows of olive trees at the end of The Palestinian Museum’s gardens. Constructed out of galvanised steel and Jerusalem stone, the structure is walled off, almost imprisoned, indicating both access and separation. This is especially relevant today, with the walls and gates that are erected as physical barriers, separating people, obstructing the continuity of land and cementing division as the new norm.

The Tea Set, 2016
London Design Museum. Images courtesy of Su Yu Hsin

The Tea Set is a series of narrative sculptures to illustrate the cultural history around a ‘British cuppa’ through a devised ‘tea ceremony’ with Eastern attention and appreciation.

The Tea Ceremony is held as an activation of the narrative sculpture. Guests will be served cups of English breakfast tea accompanied by several narratives read by the artist, highlighting Britain’s cultural and socio-history of tea.