Diane Chappalley

Behind Closed Doors

15th Feb 2020 - 1st April 2020

Informality Gallery

11 Market Place
Henley on Thames
Diane Chappalley in her studio 2020
Informality is pleased to present Behind Closed Doors, a solo presentation of recent paintings by London-based artist Diane Chappalley.

Can you paint a sunflower? On the surface of things, painting a sunflower might appear to be a simple, straightforward task. But perhaps it is a loaded question, because the implied second part of that question is; can you paint a sunflower after Van Gogh?

For Chappalley, a sunflower can be imagined, autobiographical and art historical all at once. They appear in her paintings from time to time - singular or in clusters - bloated and sun-drunk with drooping heads. Often they are entangled in verdant knots of flora which refer to the landscapes of both the Swiss Alps where she grew up and the hidden green spaces of east London, where she now lives and works.
Installation Views
Selected Images