Returning to the Moon

co-curated by dr michael warner

14th Apr 2020 - 30th Apr 2020

Atlantis Space Shuttle, 2019
Informality is excited to announce Returning to the Moon, an online exhibition comprising a collection of original NASA apollo mission artefacts exhibited alongside a selection of works by contemporary artists reflecting on events and themes of the cosmos. The exhibition will go live on April 14th and will mark the 50th Anniversary of the rescue of Apollo 13, dubbed 'NASA's finest hour. The exhibition is co-curated by collector, Dr Michael Warner.
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Giles Alexander, Binary Crib Theory, 2019
Giles Alexander, Binary Crib Theory (void), 2019
Giles Alexander's practice is centred around a powerful discourse of belonging and our desire of exploring the realms of physics, astronomy, faith and spirituality and the history of space.
Binary Crib Theory, Installation view
The painting Binary Crib Theory 2019 painted on aluminium, illuminated by LED’s depicts the African continent a country now widely accepted as the birthplace of humankind, responding to the ‘Out of Africa theory’, of human evolution and migration.
Electric Chiaroscuro 1 2019, is a painting showing the historic launchpad 39 that shot 3 humans to the lunar surface 51 years ago, the work also references a true cathedral to science. VAB or Vehicle Assembly Building is 3.5 million cubic meters large and is where NASA constructed the Saturn V rockets.
Electric Chiaroscuro 1, 2019
'Tom Hammick's Lunar Voyage is part an existential road journey taken into space. It had been a sequence of images in his head and on sketch-book pages, for the last couple of years. Hammick wanted to try to bring together a narrative that explored both the outsiderness of being an artist and the unique incompatibility of life on our planet.'
Sky Atlas, 2017
Lunography, 2017
In 2018, Brooke Holm was selected by NASA to photograph at the Michoud Rocket Assembly Facility in New Orleans and was invited back in December 2019, to document the completion of the core stage of the upcoming Artemis missions, visit Stennis Space Center and attend a launch from Kennedy Space Center. This work forms part of an ongoing and broad series, exploring humans’ relationship to space and how spatial factors can affect us physically and mentally. This includes both the environmental space around us, spaces we create here on Earth, and Outer Space, where we envision ourselves residing in the future.
Eclipse 5, 2019
Eclipse 2, 2019
Dr Michael Warner, Is an avid private collector of historic Apollo and Soviet-era manned space mission artefacts. The collection comprises of personal logs, checklists, flight manuals, prototypes, articles used in training, and flight hardware salvaged from jettisoned lunar modules.
Apollo 9, Lunar Module Systems Evaluation Checklist
Docked DPS Burn pages 60-61
Apollo 13, Lunar Module Contingency Checklist
Docked DPS Burn pages 17-18
Mir 25

Cosmonaut Orlan Spacesuit glove worn to repair collision-damaged Mir space station
Soyuz TMA-1

Cosmonaut Sokol KV-2 gloves flown on Soyuz TMA-1 during re-entry, after disembarking from International Space Station
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