Informality Now Representing James Drinkwater

Informality is delighted to announce the representation of James Drinkwater.

Born in Newcastle, Australia. Drinkwater’s practice spans painting, sculpture, assemblage and collage, creating work about place, intimacy and memory. James Drinkwater is an artist whose work reflects personal fragments about history and our experience of emotions relative to place. He is interested in the land of our richly textured world, and the found objects attached to an archive of history, sensitive to a place. Recently, his family life has proved a new inspiration for his work, finding intimate relationships and daily life to be infinite in their potential.

In the studio, Drinkwater wholeheartedly immerses himself in the physical act of painting through gestural mark-making and assemblage. In the landscape itself, he records distinctive personal motifs by drawing and writing poetry, influenced by the sensation and the experience of emotion whilst participating with what was once there before him, protecting and creating his diary and history of our land.

Drinkwater studied at the National Art School, Sydney and has held exhibitions in Australia, UK and Singapore. His work is held in major public and private collections both nationally and internationally, including the Macquarie Group Collection, Artbank, Allen’s law firm, the Newcastle Art Gallery, and private collections in New York, Singapore, Germany and the UK. In 2014 Drinkwater won the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship and has also been a finalist in many of Australia’s most prestigious art prizes. In June 2019 the artist held a 10-year retrospect at Newcastle Art Gallery, Australia.

Informality will host an introductory exhibition with a selection of new works forming a basis for a site-specific exhibition later in the year in St Ives.