Room and Book – Supporting the Sidney Nolan Trust

Room & Book is a sustainably-minded London-based online store selling second-hand art books and decorative objects through a program of curated online exhibitions. Born out of a commitment to sustainable collecting and a love for the magic and mystery of objects, the project was inspired by two 1930s artist books: Paul Nash’s Room and Book (1932) and Andre Breton’s L’amour Fou (1937).

Room & Book’s current exhibition, SIDNEY NOLAN: BOOKS & CATALOGUES 1957 – 2017, which continues until 22 June 2020, is an online exhibition in support of The Sidney Nolan Trust during COVID-19. Like so many at this difficult time, The Sidney Nolan Trust has had to temporarily close its doors and is set to lose almost 75% of its income this year. As a small charity with only limited reserves, this puts the Trust at significant risk. In an effort to help the Trust survive the crisis, Room & Book has assembled a comprehensive selling exhibition of books and catalogues spanning six decades of Nolan scholarship. 50% of sales will go towards the work of the Trust.

The exhibition includes more than 40 publications, including major monographs, biographies, exhibition catalogues, commercial gallery sales catalogues and significant auction catalogues of sales from the Nolan estate. Also included are dust-jacket designs, endpapers, illustrations and photographs Nolan contributed to books by friends and colleagues, including the travel books published by the writer Cynthia Reed Nolan, to whom Nolan was married between 1948 and 1976. Important books on, and by, Nolan’s contemporaries, Stephen Spender, Benjamin Britten, Arthur Boyd and Patrick White are included, as well as books covering subjects which underpinned Nolan’s creative practice, such as Ned Kelly and the fictional poet Ern Malley.



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